Fugue State

by Apptronica

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The 2015 Apptronica Halloween Compilation, featuring creepy sounds and stories conjured from the Fugue Machine by the twisted minds of Apptronica Artists and the iPad Musician community.

02. Creeps, by i have a box

"Creeps is about those fears we may have from time to time, imagined monsters or the real ones that keep us awake at night:

We're outside the windows
We're under the bed
It's not all in your head"

07. Enter At Your Own Risk, by Globotom

"This song describes my feelings when entering East Germany (haunted by communists) in September 1989 as well as exploring Rose Hall (haunted house in Jamaica) as well as exploring the Vietcong tunnel system in Vietnam."

10. Paper Dolls, by The Dead Society

"Oriental paper dolls are actually burned during funerals to provide maids/servants for the deceased"

11. The Shades, by A Multitude of One

"The final shard of daylight fades,
Blackness now surrounds The Shades.
Awakening is slow but sure,
Hear them scratching on the door!

Moving slowly without sound,
Hovering above the ground.
Did you see them pass you by
From the corner of your eye?

Looking for a soul to steal,
Sleeping children, ready meal!
Feeding swiftly, without pain,
A soul-less shell they shall remain.

And if you doubt this story true
I have one thing to say to you.
How many children do you know
Who lack the spark that makes them glow?"

13. Yes Everyone Died, Roll the Credits, by thinds

"roll the credits

yes, everyone died, except the obvious love interest leads.

it all happened in exactly the order you expected, the stereotypical blondes with oversized implants going first, followed by the pumped-up brutish jock who is not that intelligent, anyway he was picking on the geek with the ugly black glasses who ultimately ends up saving the heroes, so he deserved it.

death occurred in the usual garish and bloody fashion, either by knife-wielding asylum escapees or mutant sharks, exactly the same as the other movies you can't quite remember the names of.

so, run the credits and watch another."

14. Revenant is a VERY dark audioplay. NSFW due to mature themes. Parental discretion advised.

Original audioplay written by Clif Johnston and performed by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. Music by Mood481.

15. Circus Macabre by Carbonates on Mars

"I have had two experiences to my knowledge (that I can remember) of encounters of what they call 'shadow people'. I think they are from the Circus Macabre :-)"


released October 30, 2015

Technical stuff:

Fugue Machine is a brilliant new iPad app by Alexandernaut.

2. Creeps was recorded entirely on iPad using Fugue Machine via Launchkey, Mitosynth, Sunrizer and Synthmaster. Also used Elastic Drums and SampleWiz. Recorded in Cubasis and mastered with Final Touch.

3. Dying to Haunt You was produced using Fugue Machine, Animoog, Wavemapper, iProphet, IM1, Laplace

8. In Orbit was produced using Cubasis (Micrologue Synth + Recording), Fugue Machine, Sliver, TF7, Caelestis, Fieldscaper, AudioShare, Stereo Designer, VoiceRackFX, Final Touch on an iPad 4

11. The Shades was produced using Fugue Machine (4 notes, 4 playheads), SynthMaster, Cubasis, Audiobus, and Audio Mastering.
Some sound effects from Freesound.org for night time sounds, plus the voice of Colin Powell for spooky sounds and narration."

13. Fugue at 5 BPM driving Nave and Alchemy. Recorded in Auria and mastered with Pro-Q, C, MB and L. No effect apps or plugs used.

Special thanks to Benjamin Ford, Michael Hodges, Danny Hui, David Khan, Tony Nekrews, and all of Apptronica's patrons and supporters.


all rights reserved



Apptronica Seattle, Washington

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